Johnny Manziel What if the Dallas Cowboys had drafted him A Manziel alternate history CLEVELAND -- Jerry Jones wanted Johnny Manziel.Steelers Store As most thought during the 2014 NFL Draft, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys was itching to keep the famous, fan-friendly, fun-loving Texas A&M quarterback in Texas and slap a star on his helmet.Bengals Store The Cowboys owned the No. 16 selection that year, and when the pick came up, Manziel was still available.Tyrann Mathieu Jersey Among the organization's football minds, only Jerry Jones wanted Manziel. Jones' son Stephen, the Cowboys' executive vice president in charge of player personnel,Peyton Manning Jersey had lobbied hard against choosing Manziel -- "I'm still so damn mad at Stephen," Jerry tells me -- but Jones' younger son, Jerry Jr.,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey told me, "I'm the head of sales and marketing -- where do you think I came down?" Everyone else had strongly advised against picking Manziel: Coach Jason Garrett, his staff and the team's scouts.Eli Manning Jersey After all, Romo is entering the second year of a seven-year, $119.5 million contract with $55 million guaranteed.Clay Matthews Jersey But Romo is also 34 years old and coming off his second back surgery in less than a year. The inevitable quarterback controversy -- not to mention the three-ring circus of Romo, Manziel and Jones in Big D -- would have distracted everyone and could have provided enough TNT -- and TMZ -- to blow up the team. So Jones played it smart,Luke Kuechly Jersey as Dallas chose guard Zack Martin, who made the Pro Bowl in each of his first two seasons. But what if it had gone the other way? What if Jones had gone with his gut and not listened to what everyone else said?Rob Gronkowski Jersey This would have happened. As Cleveland prepares to say goodbye to Manziel after two seasons, we imagined alternate scenarios and how things might have played out for Manziel if things had changed. Our first alternate reality?Russell Wilson Jersey Jerry gets his way, and Johnny goes to Dallas. Watch the video to see what that world might have looked like.